Walter Helitronic CNC Tool Grinders

ws_Technology_-Walter-CNC-Tool-Grinders-1ws_Technology_-Walter-CNC-Tool-Grinders-2Cutting Tool Engineers purchased its first CNC grinder in 2000. Currently, we have four Walter tool grinders.

These five-axis machines grind a wide variety of round cutting tools and tool inserts with precision and accuracy. The machines range from 16 to 32 horsepower for all your manufacturing and sharpening needs.

They are capable of consistently holding tight tolerance specifications of less than .001” through machine accuracy and temperature controlled coolant. These CNC grinders will produce the best surface finish which will provide our customers with extended tool life.




Off-line Programming

ws_Technology_-Off-line-Programing-1ws_Technology_-Off-Line-Programing-2Cutting Tool Engineers relies on accurate quoting to provide our customers with the best prices. This is achieved through offline programming.

The CNC programs are created on a desktop computer while all the machines are running jobs for customers. These programs are created, adjusted, and checked for possible inaccuracies.

Once completed, the program is transferred to the CNC machine that will be running the program. This process helps us to decrease tool setup time and to minimize the amount of scrap parts.


Laser etching

ws_Technology_-Laser-Etching-1Cobalt Dominator Laser Etching System

This machine is used for:

  • Tool Identification
  • Custom logo marking
  • Branding
  • Tracking







We provide our customers with the option to coat their refurbished and manufactured tools. These coatings help extend tool life by protecting the cutting edge, reducing taper on margins, and decreasing material build-up on the tool. These coatings include:

  • TiN
  • TiCN
  • AlTiN
  • AlTiNM


Tru-Tech O.D Grinder

O.D. grinding is an important part of the grinding process. We have CNC and manual O.D. grinders to provide our customers with precision accuracy when sizing tools and Manufacturing tool blanks.