Measuring and Inspection

Services_-Measuring-and-InspectionCutting Tool Engineers focuses heavily on providing quality tools to satisfy our customers. Each tool goes through the inspection and measurement process. Once received, tools are examined for damage and wear. Tools are then measured to ensure that they are still within specified diameters and for remaining tool life.

Next, we clean the tools to remove excess material from the cutting edges and clean the shanks to ensure tools do not have run out when put into tool holders. After the tools have been sharpened, they are examined under high powered microscopes for chips and wear.

If the tools pass inspection, they are measured to ensure they remain in compliance with orthographic drawing tolerance and specifications. Once this process is completed, the tools are dipped in a sealant, or placed in boxes to prevent them from being damaged after the inspection process is complete.



Walter Helicheck Pro

ws-Services_-measuring-and-inspection_-Walter-Helicheck-Pro-1In order to guarantee quality, we have invested our resources into the industry’s leading measuring equipment. The Walter Helicheck Pro is a four-axis CNC measuring machine. This machine uses three cameras and LED lighting to produce images of high quality resolution. It measures tool consistency, checks tools to +1.4 micron accuracy, provides quality certification documents, and enables the operator to reverse engineer form tools.







Note: We also have a PG1000 and Elbo Controlli measuring system to check tool dimensions. Our ADI comparator and dial calipers are used to ensure concentricity of our tools. Micrometers are also used to measure finished tool diameters.