About-newSince 1979, Cutting Tool Engineers has provided its customers with top quality, value-added solutions in the cutting tool industry. As experts in the manufacturing and re-conditioning of metal cutting tools, we have structured our organization to be among the most efficient and effective in the industry.

Manual tool grinding built the foundation for Cutting Tool Engineers. As the industry started to change, we focused more of our resources into CNC tool grinding. This allowed us to improve our processes and use a combination of manual and CNC grinding to add value for our customers.

Today we are an industry leader in cutting tool grinding and technology. We are determined to set the standard for cutting tool performance. As a family-owned business, we have shaped our core values to focus on the customers’ needs. We understand our customers, and consider them part of the Cutting Tool Engineers family.

Our goal is to provide every customer with the following:



You can depend on Cutting Tool Engineers to:

  • Exceed the standard on every tool
  • Produce tools to fit your needs
  • Provide quick turnaround


Our commitment to top notch quality provides:

  • Consistent tool performance
  • Correct tool geometry
  • Durability to extend your tools’ life cycle


At Cutting Tool Engineers, we customize tools to fit your needs by:

  • Combining multiple operations into one complete tool
  • Providing access to different coatings for your tooling application
  • Modifying existing tools to meet your needs


Along with tool grinding, we take pride in our ability to produce reliable delivery times to our customers. We are dedicated to providing a 2-3 week turnaround time. We have the ability to adjust to our customers’ needs by providing rush jobs to help you out during a dilemma.